Nine days private tour from Paris

Nine days private tour from Paris

Once in a life time experience! Visit some of the most emblematic sites fo France. Historical, religious, related to both world wars, Champagne & wine tastings; this tour is a fascinating package for every traveller. The driving covers over 1100 miles of highway and scenic countryside roads. The itinerary can be adapted to everyones wish.

Omaha Beach and other D-day sites


Mont st Michel

Champagne wine production


Highlights of the tour

  • Claud Monets Giverny Gardens
  • D-Day landing beaches
  • Mont st Michel & scenic countryside
  • Medieval town Bayeux
  • Castels of Loire Valley
  • Champagne wine region & WW1 sites

Full Description

The price of the tour is 8500 Euros

  • Price for the group: 1 to 7 guest
  • Direct pick up and drop off to your accommodation
  • Private guide / driver (same person)
  • Tour itinerary and flexibility to change the tour
  • Spacious, aircoditioned minibus

More Included

Full description of the tour


7:00am depart Direct pick up from your accommodation in Paris
Claude Monets gardens Walking through the house and gardens of Claude Monet, you can still feel the atmosphere which reigned at the home of the "Master of Impressionnism" and marvel at the floral compositions and nymphéas, his greatest sources of inspiration. Guest are visiting the gardens on their own
Giverny village Guided walk and various sightseeing of the charming village Giverny following the steps of impressionist artists
Traditional lunch Traditional lunch or sandwiches in the car (can be decided on the day)
Rouen Rouen is a lovely town with great architecture, history and an exceptionally rich heritage. The city used to be an English capital for a long period
Historical center Sightseeing of the historical center and visit famous Rouen cathedral painted by Claude Monet 33 times. Also visit the old square where Joana of Arc was burned at the stake and learn her story
Other interesting sightseeing The city is rich on sightseeing and your guide will adapt the tour depending on your interest
Overnight stay in Rouen Suggestions of the hotels will be sent to you upon booking


Etretat & the white cliffs The white chalk cliffs and natural arches of Etretat are stunning and without a doubt the most impressive landscape of Normandy. It inspired many artists, such as Coubert, Claude Monet and other Impressionist painters
There are many options how to sightsee and visit spots with spectacular panorama that caught attention of many artists. Walking to the steep cliffs is optional, your guide will addapt the tour to your psysical condition
Traditional lunch Traditional lunch or sandwiches in the car (can be decided on the day)
Visit and sightseeing of Honfleur Honfleur, widely recognized as the most charming of all Normandy’s port towns. Take a break and enjoy this exceptional old harbor, the old city center with his small local shops and traditional restaurants.
Overnight stay in Bayeux Bayeux is a perfectly preserved historic medieval town in the middle of Normandy battlefields known for its cathedral as well as its world-famous, UNESCO-listed tapestry depicting the Norman conquest of England in 1066.


US Airborne section Various stops around the sited where the 82nd & 101st Airborn were droped on the 6th June '44

- Angoville eu Plain: Church where two US Para medics established an aid station
- Saint Marie du Mont: Objective of 101st Airborne (Band of Brothers)
- Saint Mere Eglise: Famous tow and the objective of the 82nd Airborne
Atlantic Wall Remains of many German defence bunkers along the coast nicknamed the "Atlantic Wall"
Utah Beach Landing zone of the 4th Div. led by Theodore Roosevelt Jr. 
Traditional lunch Traditional lunch or sandwiches in the car (can be decided on the day)
Pointe du Hoc One of the most impressive site in the whole Normandy. Remains of German bunkers, bomb craters left after heavy allied bombing accompanied by a heroic story of 225 Rangers. Duration of the visit +/- 1hr
Omaha Beach Dog Green & Charlie sectors - pictured in the movie Saving Private Ryan. Your guide will take on the beach where he will explain to you the functionality of the German defence system, the Allied preparation and the actions from the 6th of June 1944. (walking the beach possible depending on the tide) Duration of the visit +1hr
US Cemetery Overlooking the east part of Omaha Beach the US cemetery is a pilgrimage place that every American should visit. Duration of the visit +1hr
Other sightseeing Multiple short stops while driving through Normandy countryside. Stop by many tanks, cannons, German defensive positions, sightseeing, great panorama and other interresting sites & stories related to D-Day actions


Visit of Mont st Michel The Mont st Michel island splits in several parts which you will be able to explore with your guide:
- the village
- the chapell
- hidden narrow streets
- the surrounding remparts
- terraces for great panorama
Traditional lunch Traditional lunch or sandwiches in the car (can be decided on the day)
Mont st Michel abbey The benedictine abbey overlooks the area and it is the heart of the island. Kept by monks till this day the island and particullary the abbey are still a very important pilgrimage place. 
(*there are 900 steps to reach the abbey)
Free time or other interesting sightseeing Time on your own at the island or around. *Posibility to visit and sightsee some nearby historical sites depending on your interest and spare time (*to be discussed with your guide on the day)
Overnight stay in Tours


Chateau Chambord Chambord is a radically unique work, one of the jewels in the heritage of humankind. you will discover extraordinary architecture imagined by François I and imbued with the spirit of Leonardo da Vinci. Chambord is perhaps the equivalent in architecture of Mona Lisa in painting.
Chateau Chenonceau A Renaissance masterpiece ; the history of the Château de Chenonceau is defined by a an almost uninterrupted succession of women who built, embellished, protected, restored and saved it. It is a home to an extraordinary collection of furniture, tapestries and paintings. The Flower Garden is an unmissable part of any visit.
Traditional lunch Traditional lunch or sandwiches in the car (can be decided on the day)
Chateau Amboise This royal château is the expression of French-style luxury. From its balconies, its roofs and its terraced gardens, visitors can take in the Loire landscape and delight in what the kings enjoyed. Leonardo da Vinci tomb is preserved at the chateau
Vouvray wineries The Vineyards of Vouvray appellation stretches out from the eastern limits of the city of Tours and covers 8 villages. The majestic and characterful Loire River is a natural temperature regulator. Its effects can be felt in the vineyard thanks to the many valleys that shape the hillsides. Vouvray product around 110 000 hl (60% sparkling; 40% still wines) with 180 wine growers
Other interesting sightseeing Multiple short stops while driving through Loire Valley countryside. Stop for sightseeing, great panorama and other interresting sites with historical stories.


Chateau Fontainebleau The most consecutively occupied royal residence in France. Kept with all its riches it was the preferred residence of Francois 1st and Napoleon Bonaparte.
Walk through gardens Walk through and sightseeing of the amazing gardens of Chateau Fontainebleau. The lake within the gardens has some huge fish in, we would advice to bring some bread with you to feed them.
Traditional lunch Traditional lunch or sandwiches in the car (can be decided on the day)
Walk through the city Walk and sightseeing of the charming town Fontainebleau
Wine tasting Wine tasting is an option and will be available only if enough time. It is not and abligation for every guest
Other interesting sightseeing Fontainebleau forest, village Barbizon...  Overnight stay in Fontainebleau


Belleau Wood Your guide will walk you through the famous battlefields of World War 1 and explain you the actions of US Marines
  You will stop and sightsee also the Marine Monument, various canons, artillery craters, foxholes and trench lines
Traditional lunch in a local restaurant or sandwiches in the car (can decide on the day)
US Cemetery which sits below Belleau Wood where many of those buried in the cemetery lost their lives
Belleau Wood village Taken by the US 26th "Yankee" division & the Marines
Bulldog fountain A pilgrimage place to all US Marines 
Chateau Thierry monument Commemorates the sacrifices of the American and French fighting men. Sitting on the hill 204 it overlooks the Marne battlefields
Other sightseeing with multiple short stops while driving through the French countryside. Stop by many interresting sites & stories related to World War 1 & 2
Overnight stay in Reims


Reims Cathedral Historical cathedral and Architectural jewel, the beauty of which is acclaimed unanimously. Larger than Notre-Dame de Paris, it also has an exceptional statuary: 2,303 statues adorn its facades. Biblical scenes, a gallery of kings, a bestiary, gargoyles, so many stories to tell for the guides who bring you to discover it
Taittinger Champagne Visit and tasting at the famous house Taittinger. Learn about Champagne making and walk the oldest cellars in the region that saved lives of many during WW1
Champagne tasting at a small producer You wouldn’t really understand and appreciate the richness of Champagne without visiting also some independent producers. Over 6000 producers in the whole region are working hard on creating great champagne every year. You will be able to compare their cuvee and make your own mind on your preferences.
Traditional lunch Traditional lunch or sandwiches in the car (can be decided on the day)
Second tasting at small producer Visit and tasting at small producer to be confirmed depending on the availibility
Avenue of the Champagne & Epernay Epernay - the capital of the Champagne drink. The Avenue de Champagne is the most prestigious route in the city of Epernay. Including famous Champagne houses and private mansions, this straight line of more than a kilometer is lined with buildings of marked architecture from the end of the 19th century. Epernay is also surrounded by picturesque countryside full of wineyards.
Hautvillers Abbey & its vineyards This charming wine-making village is known as the "Cradle of Champagne" and its abbey is the final resting place of Dom Pérignon.
Other interesting sightseeing Multiple short stops while driving through Champagne countryside. Stop for sightseeing, great panorama and other interresting sites with historical stories.


La Main de Massige WW 1 trenches that were forgotten till 2008 when reconstruction works began. Today it is the most authentic site of WW1 trenches in the Europe. Some movies and documentaries were shot here.
Butte de Vauquois Words cannot describe the gigantic destruction of the underground mining and setting of explosion during WW1. From the old village Vauquois that was once standing on the hill, nothing is left. Only signs shoving positions of former houses and endless craters from the underground explosions that blew the hill appart.
Lost Battalion The famous story of the US 77th Inf. Reg that got blocked between German lines during the Argonne Offensive in 1918. Their stiff resistance was an act that pushed the Germans to sign the Armistice in November 1918.
Return Return and drop off to your desired location in Paris / Airport CDG or other


  • Governmental tax - No hidden extra fees
  • VIP Private Trip 1 to 7 guests – Price is for the group
  • Private spacious and luxury Van – Full option 7 seater mini bus
  • English speaking driver / guide
  • Insurance while guest in the car (transportation insurance)
  • Pick up and drop off from and to the hotel/accommodation in Paris
  • Full transportation including all road charges (petrol, parking, highway fees)
  • Planning and Flexibility of the itinerary
  • Suggestions and booking of hotels & restaurants (If needed)
  • For multiple day tour - guides accommodation, breakfast and dinner are covered


  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee breaks & snacks expenses
  • Entrance fees to any museums, activities, visits and tastings
  • Your own hotel - accommodation - overnight stay
  • Guides lunch on guests expenses (20Euros max)
  • Any additional or personal expenses
  • Guides gratuity (optional)
  • Each guest personal insurance : The guest has to be covered with his own private international travel insurance for any accidents or sickness while being on the tour as Private Trip does not take any responsibility for it

Useful informations

We operate in any weather conditions such as rain, wind or fog. Good clothes and comfortable, warm walking shoes are strongly adviced.

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