Secure Payment for our customers

Secure Payment

There are several ways for our guest how to pay for our private tours. Everyone can choose the payment method from the below that would suit him the best.

1. Option no. one is the good old Cash. The amount of the tour would be payed on the day to the guide, yet the deposit fees would still had to be payed by one of the other three options below. 

2. Option no. two is a simple Bank Transfer. We will issue our guest with our international bank details. Following this, the guest would do the transfer via their bank account. (*bank fees might apply)

3. Option no. three is a payment via Credit Card. We will issue to our guest a secure form to fill in their credit card details. Following this we would proceed in to charging the card. Once done, the guest would recieve the invoice including the receipt. (*we do not accept American Express cards)

4. Option no. four is a payment via PayPal. Secure payment via internet money transfer provider. A link would be send to our guest, wich would than proceed into secure money transfer. (*PayPal fees might apply)


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